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It was a great pleasure for me to be part of FOSScamp Syros at the begginign of this autumn. The event was held on the beautiful Greek island of Syros during 31 August to 6 September. This resulted to be a great event to attend and I had the chance to be part of it thanks to the support from the Wikimedia project!

Our local community of Open Labs hackerspace has been making some important steps in order for people to be more involved with Wikimedia and its related projects, and as a result of this efforts, I was able to be part of some events held in Tirana, part of which I was also a co-organizer, and later on to be part of this camp, represent Wikimedia altogether with other contributors, and host two workshops there.

We have organized two important events dedicated to Wikipedia as part of our efforts to grow our local community, raise contributions, enforce working as a community, aiming to create our Wikimedia Chapter one day. Here are more details on these events:

Since I was very enthusiastic to grow my contributions and to get more involved with Wikimedia and of course be part of a community, FOSScamp Syros was the best place for that, since it was a hands on event and at the same time there were group meetings to plan the upcoming events related to this project.

Foto taken during one of the workshops

I hosted two workshops during this event, which were related with Wikimedia Commons. After Andis Rado gave us some cool tips on how to make great photos with our smart phones, I showed to the guys in the day after how to upload this photos using the Commons App. This is a very practical way to give your contribution for this project. Many of the people who hadn’t been using the app before were very enthusiastic to learn about it and add the photos they had taken. Most of this pictures can be found in:

And in the other two subcategories:

I’m happy to see that some of the people are still using this apps to upload pictures taken from different places, since its very practical and convenient.

We also had a Wikimedia Meetup, where all the contributors of this project gathered in order to discuss the next steps to be taken by the community in order to establish a group of people who would not simply be active contributors, but would work in having a concrete plan in the long term in order to increase involvement with Wikimedia.

A moment during a group discussion

I am happy to be one of this people and looking forward to be part of such experiences where people share knowledge and work together for a common good. As a result of this concrete steps, meetings and involvement from different people, we have gone forward now with organizing Wiki Weekend Tirana 2017 and also a group of people are working on establishing a Wikimedia User Group in Albania with the goals of organizing and participating in outreach activities on national level including GLAM and Education initiatives.

This was a great experience, for me and for the whole group I can undoubtedly say, so the next steps forward would be to work on having more experiences as such, increase peoples involvement with the Wikimedia project and contributions as well.

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