September 5, 2017 Silva 0Comment

We started the fourth day of FOSScamp by going to the beach early in the morning and I have to say that this was one of the funniest days, not because of the beach in my case, since I don’t enjoy it that much, but for all the gathering and the discussions we had during the Debian Meetup. This was a gathering of people from different communities. We had Lior from Israel, Sotirios from Greece and the people from the Open Labs Albania.

The main topics we discussed during the meetup were about the Debian localization which for us was a Kick Start during this event, but we also discussed about other topics like Open Labs having more collaboration with local companies or public institutions in order to have more people contributing for Debian or open source software in general.

Another topic we discussed during the meetup was the one about diversity in FOSS. Lior was amazed to hear about the number of women who are part of the hackerspace or attend our events. He was very happy to hear that there are more women then man who are actually members of the hackerspace. We discussed about what might have impacted such a thing, how to keep this up and how to bring even more diversity for underrepresented groups.

For me it was very interesting to hear all the discussions and listen to people sharing stories about their own experiences with their communities. I think that the whole thing was very productive for us since we are all a bit new with Debian but I felt good to hear from Lior that the FOSScamp in general had been great for him too. He shared some thoughts about this meetup in his blog.

This was the second meetup for us and the third one will be by the end of September where Daniel Pocock will join again our hackerspace.Looking forward for more cool stuff to come! 🙂



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