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As a member of the Open Labs Hackerspace for the last two years it makes me very happy to see that we are having more presence from different linux distributions projects at our hackerspace. We had a considerable presence from many people involved with different communities at our annual conference, Open Source Conference Albania which I think considerably inspired many people to join and ask for ways to get involved and contribute. At least for me this was the case! I was very happy to meet people from the Debian community and thanks to the great help of Daniel Pocock, who is a community member of the Debian Project, people from our community and me got a lot of help in order to better understand the principles upon which the Debian Project is build and how to get involved with this community.

We hosted our first Debian Meetup on July 21st which was leaded by Daniel. There were 12 attendees in this meetup, which at the beginning made us feel like there wouldn’t be that much interest but it actually resulted to be a very productive meeting since the people who joined were those who were very interested on the project and are now helping to take this further. Daniel told us more about the Outreachy program, Google Summer of Code, Mini Debconf Women and other ways to get involved.

A moment from the first Debian meetup at Open Labs

To keep up with these events some people of our hackerspace joined FOSScamp Syros 2017, a gathering of geeks to willing to work with their favorite open source projects in the beautiful Syros island. Anisa, Redon and me were some of them and we were very happy to also have Lior Kaplan, who has been contributing for Debian for many years, to fly from Israel and join this event. Also Sotirios Vrachas from the [HSGR] in Athens joined us which was also great in terms of collaboration between different Debian communities since Sotirios has also been contributing for Debian for the last 5 years.

We worked in the first two days with the infrastructure we would need to use in order to work with the translations, like having people subscribe at the mailing list used for the translations, improving our wiki with informations related to this, adding information in the Debian wiki page of our local group. We had the first Debian localization sprint on the third day of FOSScamp, the day on which Lior also joined us. We had a lot of support from him and Sotirios in order to get used to the way how the translations in Debian are done and to keep working on that. The current state of the translations in Albanian when we started was 14% of the PO files. So to get our hands on and get some work done we started translating the Debian installer with the help of Lior and we hope to get that finished by the end of the second localization sprint.

The day was very productive and I was happy for managing to finish reviewing and translating part of the files. Lior helped us with committing the files and he has also made a clear view of the progress during the first localization sprint on his blog post for the event. There were many people who helped with the translations: Anisa, Nafie, Eva, Redon and me, which I think is quite a positive thing because the process is now clear for many people who can now work together to keep this going at the hackerspace.

So to conclude with this blog post, I hope for us to keep up with the good work not only during this days but also later on and always aiming to have Debian 100% localized in Albanian.




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